Are Luxe Business cards worth your money? The short answer: Yes.

I run a freelance business and like any other small business or startup, cost is a big consideration in anything I do. That is why I was hesitant to buy Luxe by Moo initially. While the cards were beautiful, they costed 2-3 times more than normal business cards. Yet, I was eventually swayed by Moo’s stellar reviews and decided to try them out.

My cards just arrived and I absolutely love them. Here are 5 reasons why these Luxe cards are worth every cent.

Moo Business Card Review

1. Great Service and Prompt Delivery has outstanding customer service. Any questions I had were mostly answered in this comprehensive FAQ. The chat staff were extremely friendly and helpful in my remaining queries. Moo’s templates were really easy and simple for designers like me to use. You can also choose from Moo’s large collection of curated designs.

Moo's delivery package - Yay!

Moo’s delivery package – Yay!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Luxe package early – 20 days before the estimated arrival date. Moo lets customers track their orders every step of the way, and the printing stage took only 3 working days. The speed is simply unbelievable. In total, the package took less than 2 weeks to arrive in Singapore.

2. Stunning Packaging

Unboxing Moo Luxe Business Cards

Unboxing Moo Luxe Business Cards!

Unboxing the package is a great experience in itself. The cards come in a wrapped, textured cardholder that is both beautiful and functional.

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business Cards

The cardholder is wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon. The faux-wax seal is a great touch, befitting the ultra-premium Luxe cards inside.

Moo Luxe custom cardholder

Moo Luxe custom cardholder

Opening the customised cardholder reveals the Luxe cards safely tucked inside. Round magnets secures the lid and it feels great to open and close the box. I love how the gap shows off the colourful seam on the edge of the cards. Luxe Business Card Review

3. Sturdy Thickness & Weight

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Aww, that’s sweet.

The first thing that strikes me is how sturdy the cards feel in my hands. It is no surprise that at 600gsm (most cards are only around 300gsm), the Luxe cards feels great and downright premium.

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Each card has 4 layers of Superfine paper pressed together

Each Luxe business card is made of 4 layers of quality Mohawk Superfine paper (what Moo calls Quadplex technology). It makes for a great card that doesn’t bend easily.

Moo Luxe Business Cards

A Luxe card beside a one dollar coin

The size of the cards are smaller than I had expected, but after giving several away I realise it is just the right size to fit inside wallets.

4. Premium Matte Printing

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business Cards (back, you can include several different designs using Moo’s Printfinity!)

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business Card (front)

Moo Luxe Business Cards

These pictures don’t do the printing justice. These cards have a wonderful matte texture. It’s smooth to touch, yet rough with just the right amount of premium texture. Coupled with Mohawk’s Superfine paper, the printing alone gives a great first impression to the receiver.

Moo Luxe Business Cards

One of my original designs for card backing – gradient is not obvious in the final print

One word of advice: After experimenting with Printfinity (free Moo service to print different designs on the back), subtle gradients don’t fare very well with the matte printing. Very subtle shifts in colour are compromised to give the great matte texture, so I recommend using simple, contrasting, single-coloured elements!

5. Vibrant, Colourful Seam

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Gorgeous cyan seam

Lastly, Luxe is unique for the beautiful seams sandwiched between your designs. I went for bright cyan, but you can choose from red, black or vanilla. While it isn’t as stunning as I had expected, the seam is still very beautiful and outstandingly executed.

The Verdict

First impressions are everything for startups and small businesses like mine. Luxe by Moo is a great way to introduce yourself and build credibility. The great texture and sturdy cards will win over any potential clients or investors instantly. The verdict? Worth every cent.

Moo Business Card Review

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BONUS: Cardholder Secret


A great touch to the cardholder hides behind your Luxe cards. Markings show how many cards you have left – genius!